Follow a Researcher™Expedition 3: Antarctica!

Coming October & November, 2016. Join the adventure!

Follow a Researcher™Expedition 3: Antarctica!

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Lynn Kaluzienski, PhD student at the University of Maine in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences and Climate Change Institute, is researching the McMurdo Shear Zone in Antarctica. The Shear Zone is the area between the McMurdo and Ross Ice Shelves. The Ross shelf is moving faster than the McMurdo, and crevasses are formed in the area. There’s potential for unstable behavior in the ice in this area, and Lynn will be using GPS surveys and ground penetrating radar to develop detailed maps of these crevasses. Because of the crevasses, it is dangerous to travel in the area, so she’ll be using a robot to obtain the ground penetrating radar surveys.

The information Lynn will be collecting is important for several reasons, including implications for travel to and from the US Antarctic Program’s South Pole station over this dangerous area, and possibilities of sea level rise with different movements of the ice shelves.

Lynn will be doing her research in October and November in Antarctica, and will be communicating with you via Twitter and video (when she can get Internet access). We’ll be releasing videos aligned with Next Generation Science Standards Practices along the way, and hoping to share some of your great ideas for integrating Lynn’s expedition into your classrooms!

Check back in late August/early September for additional information on how to engage with this research expedition!

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UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H

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Jessy Brainerd

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October-November 2016

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