Citizen Science Opportunities Abound!

Whatever your interest, wherever you are, you can contribute to scientific research right now!

That’s what citizen science¬†is all about. These projects need massive amounts of data that can be collected and shared by all kinds of people.

Summer is a great time to get involved and do science to learn and to make your world a better place!

July Citizen Science Events in Maine

BioBlitz at Acadia National Parksummer-acadia

Dates: Public program July 19, 10 am to noon

BioBlitz, sponsored by the National Park Service, will be held at Schoodic Education & Research Institute (SERC) in July. During the 13th annual BioBlitz, professional entomologists, amateur naturalists, and other interested persons will help inventory the biodiversity of Acadia National Park.

A free public program will be held Sunday, July 19 from 10 am to noon to share information about BioBlitzes and species diversity. It’s a great way to learn about citizen science and Maine’s own National Park.

Contact: Schoodic Institute, 207-288-1310


Maine Loon Project

Date: July 18 (third Saturday in July every year)

Contact: Susan Gallo at Maine Audubon, 207-781-6180 x. 216 or


Maine Volunteer Lake Monitor Trainings

Citizen scientists play a key role in monitoring the water quality of Maine’s lakes. Training sessions for the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitor program are coming up in July. On Friday, July 17, you can learn about watersheds and how watershed surveys are done.¬†Invasive Plant Patrol workshops will take place in multiple locations.

Pre-Registration Required: Yes

Contact: VLMP, 207-783-7733 or


Signs of the Seasons Trainings

Using their backyards as laboratories, participants in the UMaine Signs of the Seasons¬†program help scientists document the local effects of global climate change by observing and recording the phenology (seasonal changes) of common plants and animals living in their own communities. Trainings for monitoring upland and freshwater aquatic species will be held on July 7 at the York County UMaine Cooperative Extension Office in Springvale and July 25 at the Knox/Lincoln UMaine Cooperative Extension Office in Waldoboro. You don’t have to attend a training to get started!


Do Citizen Science In Your Community or Backyard

Maine Audubon Wildlife Road WatchFarmers Market Math-1

Maine Audubon’s Wildlife Road Watch is a year-round, web-based map and database citizen science project designed to record your observations of road-side and road-killed wildlife. Maine Audubon scientists will use the data to improve our collective understanding of where wildlife attempt to cross roads and what we can do to reduce road-kill and increase safety for people and wildlife.

Contact: Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Conservation Biologist/GIS Manager,


The Great Nature Project

National Geographic’s Great Nature Project is an easy way for nature lovers to get started with citizen science!

Website: and follow the simple instructions to contribute your observations to this huge national effort.

Online & Independent Opportunities

Explore these citizen science sites with multiple options to get involved and contribute.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers an array of bird-related citizen science. Monitoring in the spring to the Christmas Bird Count. Visit their site to learn about eBird, Project FeederWatch, NestWatch, and more!


More than just great STEM activities, all of SciStarter is built around science that everyone can do together. This site makes it easy to search for your own interest.


Visit Zooniverse and choose an online citizen science project. Anyone can help classify galaxies at Galaxy Zoo, find planets on Planet Hunters, or help trace how stars form in the Milky Way Project. And it’s not just limited to space; National Geographic’s projects and more are also listed on Zooniverse.


And there are many, many more options, both in Maine, nearby, and through your smartphone or computer! For more Maine opportinutios, check the Maine STEM Resource Bank or ask us to help find the perfect opportunity for you!


There are more options for citizen science collaboration and STEM exploration, both in Maine, nearby, and far away! For more Maine opportunuties, check the Maine STEM Resource Bank, contact us, or talk with your local robotics, bird-watching, astronomy, or other clubs to find the perfect opportunity for you!

For online opportunities and more information about citizen science in general, visit the Citizen Science Association and search at SciStarter.